Text from Studio Other Spaces, Future Assembly


"The Venice Biennale Architettura 2021 asks, How will we live together?

Future Assembly is a response to curator Hashim Sarkis’s invitation to imagine a design, inspired by the United Nations ­– the current paradigm for a multilateral assembly. We invited all Biennale participants to come together and offer more-than-human Stakeholders for Future Assembly from their local situation, to find novel, imaginative ways of spatially representing diverse nonhuman agencies. More than 50 proposed new planetary representatives now make up the Assembly. Surrounding the central assembly, Future Assembly Chart  forms a living collection of attempts by humans to recognise and secure the rights-of-nature." 

Bethany Rigby contributed the Murchison Meteorite as a more-than-human stakeholder. 

It's voice manifested as a calendar of Near Earth Approaches that will take place over the course of the Venice Biennale, and a film of space debris complied from algorithmic animations of space debris shared by space agencies such as ESA, NASA. 

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Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 14.22.50.png