"With the false choice between weapons ranges, mines, and golf courses, might the kind-hearted oligarchs to whom we have bequeathed the right to define our future in outer space look at this green chemical-soaked landscape etched into the desert and see a kind of peaceful utopia, and in it see the perfect "we come in peace" message to imprint on the landscape of Mars?


Extrapolating from the present, we imagine the first use of terraforming on Mars will be in the service of building a most exclusive golf course. Golf balls made from special materials adapted to the lower gravity environment will bend martian physics to the will of the sportsman, their equipment prioritised in launch payloads. Earth's gravity is expensive to escape, but money is no object for the avid golfer. For a game that originated in Wales, it has been stamped across the world as a violently enforced fiction of green escape, but only for those who can buy membership to this ordered and fiercely controlled utopia.


Thinking with this, we found satellite images of actual golf courses in Nevada and reimagined them used by awe-inspired billionaires golfing on Mars."

Text collaboratively written with Julie Klinger and Caitlin Berrigan.

"Standing on the first tee looking down several hundred feet to the fairway in the valley below only gives a glimpse of what is yet to come. The first question that comes to mind is 'how did they ever build the course?'. The 360 degrees vistas of red rock mountains, desert, mesas, steep cliffs and ravines would more likely be an environment to be explored on the discovery channel that the golf channel. The architects somehow filled in the valleys with enough fertile soil to create eighteen emerald ribbons through this naturally hostile environment"