Migrant Journal

"Migrant Journal is a six-issue publication exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on space.


In ‘MICRO ODYSSEYS’, the fifth and penultimate issue of Migrant Journal, we explore the microscopic in movement: from shooting stars to shifting sands, bacteria in Estonia and particles in Geneva, mosquitoes in fascist Italy and tuberculosis in Indian cities, micro-plastics floating in the Pacific Ocean, Roman weeds and their mysterious migration to Copenhagen."  



The essay "Watch This Space" is an analysis of shooting stars. It examines their histories and attempts to contextualise and compare humanity’s relationship to this atmospheric phenomena. The essay investigates how shooting stars have captured humanities attention for millennia and how in modern times, meteorites provide humanity with a physical contact with the distant cosmos. There is exploration into the development and implications of satellite technology that produces artificial shooting stars. 

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Editors Letter:


"London-based researcher Bethany Rigby investigates the relation between extra-terrestrial phenomena and terrestrial world views. In "Watch this space", she portrays the human condition as an oscillation between superstition, contingency, and mastery of the universe"