Sustainable Futures: Outer Space

Online residency hosted by Land Art Collective.

Land Art Collective has begun a brand new multidisciplinary residency series. The first residency has now begun, pairing six artists with three space research academics. The work will serve as a catalyst to discussions around the environmental implications of outer space exploration. The initiative aims to act as an accelerator to critical discussions around space exploration and to make the topic more accessible to a wide audience. 

Artists Bethany Rigby and Caitlin Berrigan are paired with Julie Klinger.

Julie Klinger
Dr. Julie Michelle Klinger (PhD Geography) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences at the University of Delaware, faculty in the Minerals, Materials, and Society Program, and a member of the Embodiment Lab. Dr. Klinger’s research focuses on the dynamics of global resource frontiers, with a particular focus on social and environmental sustainability. Areas of research include the impacts of rare earth mining around the world; and the role of international outer space cooperation in global development. She is committed to finding collaborative solutions to the most pressing sustainability issues of our time.

Residency currently in process, culminating March 2021.